Responsible Gambling

Let’s talk about safer gambling. Gambling is a form of entertainment that you pay for. This means that you are handing over money for something which should be fun, and which will last for a finite length of time – like buying a cinema ticket.

The difference between gambling and any other form of entertainment is that you are playing games of chance for money. Now this could mean that you walk away with more money than you started with, or some other kind of prize – which is great.

When we talk about responsible gambling we’re talking about being able to gamble without putting yourself or others at risk of harm. Part of gambling more safely and responsibly is understanding the odds of the game you are playing, what the rules are, and accepting that losing is just as much a part of gambling as winning.

  1. Only spend what you can afford
  2. Set your limits for time and money
  3. Gambling is not the answer to any problem
  4. Gambling when angry or upset is not a good idea
  5. Gambling shouldn’t interfere with your personal relationships

Whilst many people do gamble safely, for some people gambling will cause harm, and there are a range of ways in which this harm can arise. The most common harms are financial difficulties, relationship problems and mental health impacts such as anxiety, stress and depression arising as a result of the gambling. These issues differ for different people and could even change at different points of an individual’s life.