Online Slot Bonus Features

Playing Online Slots can sometimes be a lot different than playing inside of a casino. Some slots online offer bonus features and some do not. You can tell if a slot has a bonus feature by going into the information tab and seeing the pay table. As seen below.

The Image above shows that there is a Scatter symbol. Typically when seeing this inside a pay table it show that their is a bonus feature attached to the game. Most of the time this will be free spins.

The best slot providers that we typically play for these bonus features are listed below.

  • Pragmatic Play
  • Play n’ Go
  • Netent
  • Thunderkick
  • NoLimit City

With online casinos we look at things a bit different then you would if you were inside a real casino.
A good bonus we consider to be 100x or more with online bonuses.

What this means is if your bet size is $5 then you would want 100x your bet size or more. This gives you a $500 win, this is something that happens fairly often from all of my time playing.

Slots also show their max potential listed inside of the description as well. This allowing you to know the max payout on a machine. I would say a majority of slots are listed at 5,000x as the max win but some slots go upwards of 140,000x.

Although this seems like a long shot to see a 500x it is something that happens fairly often. A $5 bet size at 5,000x will pay you $25,000